The Ministry’s vision is to continue to ensure a better quality of life for the elderly who still live in the community as well as those who are living in one of the residences dedicated to the elderly in Malta and Gozo.

During the last years, we have continued to invest in providing the best possible care where we have introduced many services in many homes for the elderly as well as in the San Vincenzo de Paul Hospital. Here they are not only offering care to elderly residents, but they are also offering clinical services to several elderly people living in the community.

As a ministry, we continue to look after the elderly who still live in the community by offering services that facilitate and improve their lives. The elderly are not only enjoying care services that are offered in their own home, but also those that help them with their daily needs such as the home help service, Handyman Service, Carer at Home, Meals on Wheels, and a chain of other services offered by Active Aging and Care in the Community.


We want no elderly person to feel alone and with this aim, we have continued to invest in day centers in the community. In these day centers many activities take place, both informative and entertaining, where they not only keep the elderly active, but are also crucial for keeping in touch. We also created the intergenerational program which it brings together young children and teenagers with the elderly in our community and residential homes. Through this program, both the elderly and children are not only learning from each other, but also continuing to mix the culture and life they lived from past times with modern ones.

Together with our visions, missions and objectives our goal is to help our elders with their day to day whilst holistically embracing the multiple facets of health and ageing.

Our Vision

To promote and sustain active ageing through inclusive, intergenerational and constructive practices.


To ensure a superior quality of life for our senior citizens and their significant others through wide-ranging and quality services.

Our Objectives

Ensure a holistic view is embraced to the multiple facets of health and ageing

Adopt a comprehensive approach to personal growth, participation and positive attitude

Practice the values within our communities with the aspects of ageing

Provide further recognition and support towards the role of significant others in the lives of senior citizens

Validate the importance of digital technology for senior citizens

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