Night Shelter

The aim of the Night Shelter service is to offer shelter during the night to senior citizens who live alone and who, for various reasons, may feel insecure in their home. A number of night shelters are offered in Malta and Gozo. This service is offered by the Active Ageing and Community Care in collaboration with other entities.


This service provides senior citizens with a secure and protective environment during the night.


General eligibility criteria:

  • Senior citizens over 60 years of age who are presently living alone and who lead an independent life or requires minimal assistance as regards Activities of Daily Living.

    In terms of minimal assistance, persons who fall within these criteria are eligible for this service:

    •  Persons utilising a wheelchair or any other walking aid;
    • Persons who have occasional accidents or need supervision as regards to bowel and bladder control and are using pull ups;
    • Persons requiring minimal assistance to cut food and open jars;
    • Persons requiring minimal assistance with regards to handling buttons, zips or bra;
    • Persons requiring minimal assistance with regards to grooming;
    • Persons who can ambulate with help to walk 50 meters.
  •  Persons who do not suffer from a medical condition (namely Dementia), which may create a problem with the rest of the residents using the Night Shelter.


Filled application form including the medical report signed by a General Practitioner. Click here to download the medical report

This service is against payment of €2.00 per night which has to be paid every month in advance.

If you have any suggestions, recommendations and complaints, kindly get in touch