Active Ageing Centres

The Active Ageing Centres offer opportunities for older adults to remain physically, mentally and socially active. These centres enable senior citizens to meet other people their age and enjoy themselves during the activities organised. Each centre offers a varied programme of activities which include talks, outings, a variety of games and lifelong learning programmes and sessions. Apart from promoting socialisation and entertainment, these centres are hubs where the individual can learn in an informal way and share their skills with others.


The opportunity to meet new people or old friends in a friendly atmosphere, where one can both relax and engage in creative, social, physical and educational activities.

Talks on various topics and a variety of sessions which include physical exercises, dancing, crafts, first aid, IT (Information Technology) and even intergenerational activities where both students and the elderly are invited to interact and share experiences.

The opportunity to engage in outdoor and cultural activities.


General eligibility criteria:

  • A person aged 60 years and over. The Active Ageing Centres are not equipped to cater for the needs of a person with a high dependency level
  • Applications will be considered on an individual basis


  • Filled in application form including the medical report signed by the patient’s general practitioner. Click here to download the medical report


The frequency to attend the AAC depends on the capacity of the particular Active Ageing Centre.

This depends on the availability of each Active Ageing Centre. It is best to contact the particular centre you wish to attend and check with them.​​

Each centre offers a varied program of activities which include talks, crafts, outings, a variety of games and lifelong learning sessions.

The service is against a monthly payment:

Per person:
once weekly €2.33
twice weekly €3.49
3 times weekly €4.66
4 or 5 times weekly €5.82

Per couple:
once weekly €3.50
twice weekly €5.82
3 times weekly €8.16
4 or 5 times weekly €10.48

Per person (if residing at a Home for the Elderly):
once weekly €1.17
twice weekly €2.33
3 times weekly €3.50
4 or 5 times weekly €4.66

Active Ageing Centres

CentreAddressContact NumberOpening Days and Hours
BirżebbuġaBirżebbuġa Road, Birżebbuġa BBG 150721658608Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
BirkirkaraCivic Centre, Tumas Fenech Street, Birkirkara BKR 252621482328Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 07:00 – 15:15
CospicuaSt Margaret Square, Cospicua BML 120121664777Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
Ħad-DingliParish Street, Ħad-Dingli DGL 103221453479Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
Ħal LuqaNew Street, Ħal Luqa LQA 155821678132Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
Ħal Qormic/o Local Council, 390, Victory Street, Ħal Qormi QRM 250421440995Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
Ħal SafiDar il-Kunsill, School Street, Ħal Safi SFI 140421647057Wednesday and Friday 07:00 – 15:15
Ħamrun22, Franciscan Street, Ħamrun HMR 112321221675Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
Kirkopc/o Local Council, 31, St Benedict Street, Kirkop KKP 124321640948Monday and Wednesday, 07:00 – 15:15
Marsaskalac/o St Thomas Community Living, Triq il-Baħħara, Marsaskala22788831/2Monday to Friday 07:00 -15:15
MellieħaValley Road, Mellieħa MLH 125221524245Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
Mġarrc/o Local Council, 22, Sir Harry Luke Street, Mġarr MGR 150121571424Tuesday and Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
MostaKurat Schembri Street, Mosta MST 117521418197Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
Msidac/o Local Council, Menqa Square, Msida MSD 909021324451Wednesday and Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
NaxxarCivic Centre, 21st September Avenue, Naxxar NXR 101821424447Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
SiġġiewiCivic Centre, 18, St Nicholas Square, Siġġiewi SGW 107321460715Tuesday and Thursday, 07:00 – 15:15
Tas-Sliema119, St Mary Street, Tas-Sliema SLM 110721345650Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
Santa Luċijac/o Garden of Serenity, Peprin Street, Santa Luċija 21440995Monday and Wednesday, 07:00 – 15:15
St Paul’s Bayc/o Local Council, St Paul Street, St Paul’s Bay SPB 341121584746Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
Santa Venera53, Carmelite Street, Santa Venera SVR 172521472111Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
ŻejtunSt Thomas Street, Żejtun ZTN 402321805847Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:15
ŻurrieqMqabba Road, Żurrieq ZRQ 107921640237Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 07:00 – 15:15

The Department of Active Ageing and Community Care also set up other Active Ageing Centres with a totally new concept. These Centres are being run in collaboration with Local Councils and other entities, and focus mainly on lifelong learning. To apply for this service you have to contact the respective entity who will guide you accordingly.

CentreAddressContact NumberOpening Days and Hours
Paola (Local Council)Casal Paola, Pawlu Boffa Garden, Church Street, Paola PLA 107521664066Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 09:00 – 12:00
Swieqi (Local Council)Swieqi Local Council, Civic Centre G. Bessiera Street, Swieqi SWQ 226121373939Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday*
Gżira (Local Council)283, Flat 1 D’Argens Street, Gżira GZR 136421341034Wednesday*
Floriana, Senior Citizens47, Saint Publius Street, Floriana FRN 145079053031Tuesday*, 09:30 – 10:30

*Time varies and depends on the sessions available on the day.

If you have any suggestions, recommendations and complaints, kindly get in touch