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Dementia Care at Home

This course is intended for family caregivers, relatives and friends of persons with dementia. The term “family caregiver” refers to those persons who care for relatives and their loved ones and are not formally paid for the service they render. Research has established that most care is provided by these family caregivers. One of the objectives of the Malta National Dementia Strategy 2013-2020, is to improve the quality of life of individuals living with dementia, their caregivers and family members. Get further information through this link or click here to apply.

Elderly Services Application
Active Ageing and Community Care aims to promote active ageing and improved quality of life for elderly persons. Different forms of support and healthcare services through user centred care provision focusing on tangible benefits and long term care sustainability are provided. It also provides community services as part of its commitment to continue to support elderly persons living in the community and postpone entry into long-term care.  Click here to apply.

Continuous training in SVP

The Maltese population is living longer. This leads to a stronger society. As the number of elderly people is growing, and they are living longer, this leads to increased demand for beds, increased need for dementia wards are friendly as well as a larger number of workers in this sector. The Training Center in St. Vincent de Paul, not only closes the gap between theory and practice but are encouraging multi-disciplinary team to have the skills and attitudes necessary for the customer to have more holistic treatment and be individual. The main objective of this course is to improve the quality of life among our older. Click here to apply MT​ - EN.