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Once the Order is Granted

The Guardianship Order

When the Guardianship Board appoints a Guardian, a Guardianship Order is issued. The Court of Voluntary Jurisdiction is notified of this Order.


Normally financial institutions, such as banks will request to see this before any transactions are made on behalf of the adult. If you experience any difficulty in using your Order, please contact us.


It is the responsibility of the guardian to keep the Guardianship Order in a safe place.




Decisions taken by the Guardianship Board can be appealed through the Court of Voluntary Jurisdiction.
An appeal should be filed not later than twenty days from the date of the decision of the Board.


Annual Account

A guardian who receives monies or other property due to the person subject to guardianship is obliged to keep a separate account and record of such monies or other property.


A guardian has to submit to the Board, a yearly income and expenditure account confirmed on oath in respect of the guardianship.