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Clinical Care


Services Offered:

Medical Care

St Vincent de Paul Long-term Care Facility offers a 24-hour medical service by a team of doctors and Resident Specialists (Geriatrics) under the guidance of their respective Consultant Geriatricians. Routine medical assessments and interventions are carried out at SVP-LTC and most medical problems are normally dealt with in-house. The medical team was also assisted by a consultant psycho-geriatrician who provided a consultation service at  SVP-LTC Facility. Surgical, orthopaedic and complicated medical problems are normally referred to other hospitals for further specialised interventions.

Nursing Care

SVP provides the presence of Nurses in all wards on a 24/7 bases. The ultimate role is to maintain high standards of quality of care and guide all Health Care Workers under their responsibility in their  performance of duty. All wards are managed by a Charge Nurse and a Deputy Charge Nurse who have the responsibility to make sure that standards are maintained.

Nursing Speciality Unit

 The Nursing Speciality Unit includes a committed team of dedicated and trained health professionals each with individual specializations. It is a centre of excellence in the provision of effective and efficient, chronic and acute patient centred quality care.

Our role involves proving a timely, cost effective, assessment and a broader range of interventions to patients, providing clinical service, auditing, research, training and education of staff, support to empower nurses and other health care professionals to deliver effective evidance based care to patients. It also includes statistical data processing, procurement and distribution of equipment and enhanching existing services and new projections, within a collaborative multidisciplinary care framework.

Services include:

  • Clinical Nutritional Nurse
  • Continence Nurse
  • Dementia Practice Nurse
  • Tissue Viability Nurse
  • Infection Control Nurse

Dental Geriatric Clinic

Dental services at SVP are provided at the Geriatric Dental Teaching Unit, run in collaboration with the University of Malta. The service is provided by a mix of professionals, ranging from dentists to dental hygienists and dental technicians to offer a comprehensive service to our clients. The Unit consists of 8 separate clinics of which 5 units cater for mobile or semi-mobile patients and 3 units for wheelchair bound patients who cannot be transferred onto the dental chair. The Teaching Unit is equipped with a fully functional intra-oral X-ray machine and a dental laboratory provides support and prosthesis for the benefit of the residents at SVP-LTC.  

Pharmaceutical Services

An in-house pharmaceutical service is available. Older persons resident at St.Vincent de Paul are afforded free medication against a medical examination and prescription.

Physiotherapy service 

This department aims to provide the best possible physiotherapy services to St. Vincent de Paul Residence by `offering patient assessments, treatment planning and provision of service within an inter-professional team environment. Periodic screening of Residents/Patients in Residential Care Settings to ensure full coverage of Physiotherapy Care provision

Occupational Therapy services

The department offers their services to our residents as part of the rehabilitation team and liaises with the other team members as needed. A holistic approach is taken to help clients achieve their maximal potential. For this reason, apart from individual and group therapy sessions organized by OTs, various activities are offered for a vocational and leisure purposes to promote social interaction and improve residents’ quality of life. Purposeful activities are also provided to maintain or upgrade clients’ functional performance in activities of daily living.

Podiatry Service

Podiatry services are offered to all our residents and an initial assessment is done on admission. Subsequent follow-ups are carried out by the various podiatrists at ward level. In addition to the normal and routine aspects of assessment and advice on foot care, podiatrists offer an essential service  regarding tissue viability.

Speech Therapy Services 

The role of the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) at St. Vincent de Paul is to enable effective communication for residents with communication disorders and to promote safety in swallowing for clients with dysphagia. This is achieved through a hierarchy of care aims that include assessment, prevention and anticipation, support and maintenance of abilities and skills, strategies to enable, restore, or rehabilitate abilities and when this is not possible to intervene palliatively, thereby contributing to the safeguarding of the residents’ quality of life.

Day Clinic Service

The Day Clinic aims to provide services for residents at St. Vincent de Paul Long-term care Facility, which are normally provided as an out-patient service from other hospitals. Such services include the Ophthalmic, Psychiatric, Gynaecology, Dermatology, Vascular and Pace Maker Clinics.  Phlebotomy and ECG Service are provided from the Day Clinic as well as Speciality Clinic 1 (Treatment Room), as well as Respite and Pre-Admission Clinics. The Day Clinic also serves as a staging Unit from the National Blood Bank. These services ensure a more holistic approach to our residents.

Apart from services to our residents, the day clinic also caters for employee health and well-being.

Portering Services

The Portering Section at SVP aims to enhance the quality of service given to the elderly by supporting the SVP staff while caring for the residents. The Unit is manned by a number of employees and they are mainly involved in escorting residents/clients to clinics for a given service as may be required.  The Portering section assists both SVP residents and outside clients in making use of the diverse clinics available at SVP.

Social Work Services

The service focuses on the psycho-social needs of our clients while assuring their well-being. The social worker serves as a point of reference to clients and their carers and assists them to adapt to the new environment. The social worker identifies problems of a psycho-social nature faced by clients independently or together with their families, motivates them to cope with their social problems whilst continuing to live an active and independent life.