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Active Ageing Unit


Strengthening opportunities for all aspects of health and security in every day living  , through participation, ensuring dignity, and choice,  thereby enhancing quality of life as people grow older is referred to as  Active ageing.

As a result of Active ageing persons are encouraged to explore and fulfil their potential for physical, social, mental and spiritual well being throughout their whole life course. This allows each and every individual to participate in society according to their needs, desires and capacities, while providing them with dignity, choice, security and care when they require assistance.

Living longer must be accompanied by continuing opportunities for participation in everyday decisions, accessible health, and security. This would then ensure that the ageing process becomes  a positive experience,

The Active Ageing Unit’ at St. Vincent de Paul, was established on the 27th  May 2013, and aims to fulfil these objectives for the benefit of all clients at St. Vincent de Paul. Various actives are being held both within the grounds of and at St. Vincent de Paul ( the Main Theatre, wards, yards,etc.) as well as group outings to the varied and interesting places of the Maltese Islands.

Apart from group activities, other more personalised and individual based therapeutic activities, such as book reading, crossword puzzles, activities which enhance dexterity and jogs the memory, are held on a daily basis at the various wards. The aim behind these activities is and will remain that each and every resident is seen as an individual and so that each and every client would benefit form a better quality of life.

Daily Activities:

10:15 - Monday to Saturday. Mass at Chapel of Qalb ta' Ġesu

09:15 - Sunday. Mass at the Chapel of Qalb ta Ġesu

14:45 - Daily. Tombola at various wards

17:00 - Book and magazine reading, crossword puzzled and card games in the various wards.