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Residential Homes


This service provides residential care in a physically and emotionally safe and secure environment to older persons and persons with disability, who can no longer cope with living in their own homes.


·      Applicants are 60 years of age
·        Applicants under 60 years of age but are certified suffering from some form of disability

What you’ll get

Once the prospective residents are accepted to be admitted in a residential home, they are invited for an orientation visit, prior to their admission. Facilities include an en-suite bathroom and are also equipped with a Nurse Call system in case of emergencies. Other facilities include air-conditioning, central heating, and telephones in each room for incoming and internal calls, wi-fi access, communal dining rooms, communal T.V. / living rooms and chapel.
Services include the provision of nursing and care services, as well as the provision of allied health services which include the service of a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist and a podiatrist depending on the needs of the resident. Residents are provided with daily meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleaning services, front desk office services, pastoral services and also hair salon services amongst others. 

Required Documents

A filled in application form.
Once the application is filled and vetted, it is forwarded to the Assessment Team. Communication is then held between the Assessment Team and the applicant in order to affix a suitable time for the assessment to be made by a multi-disciplinary team. This team is made up of medical doctors, nurses, therapists and social workers. In case whereby, the applicant is unable to leave his/her house because of illness or injury, an assessment will be scheduled at his / her house. The aim of this assessment is to determine the level of services needed by the applicant and the priority level. During the assessment, advice on necessary services available within the community is also given.
The team analyses these aspects:
·        Details about social and clinical wellbeing
·        Difficulties arising from cognitive impairment
·        Mobility and Dependency Levels
·        Availability of support
Using this information, the multi-disciplinary team then recommends the proper level of care needed, depending also on the medical condition as well as the dependency levels. The team also recommends the priority and urgency of the case. The multi-disciplinary team also fills in a Long-Term Care Assessment Report which is filed with the application.

Fees and Charges

No fees and charges apply with the submission of the application.
When one is admitted into a Residential Home (Level Care 1), fees and charges apply in line with L.N. 259/2004. 

How to Apply  

You can apply Online – MT - EN
You can download an Application Form MTEN

Alternatively, you can also call at Centru Servizz Anzjan, 3, Old Mint Street Valletta and apply there.

t: +356 22788800 |  e: