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St. Vincent De Paul Residence Rebranding

The Government’s adopted policy is to use St. Vincent de Paul Residence as a long term care facility and not as an acute hospital. Considering that the facility is equipped with medical equipment, the Government is officially reserving St. Vincent de Paul Residence as a Long Term Care Facility for the elderly who are highly dependent.

Different Ideology and Policy

The rebranding is not just a visual rebranding but also in terms of policies adopted for the facility. Recent works are proof that the Residence is undergoing heavy maintenance and refurbishing in several wards and departments at the Residence itself. Ward St. Joseph 8, a phsychogeriatric ward was completed in March 2014, while Ward St. Joseph 3, another male ward which was in a very bad state will be completed in days from now, which will also be made dementia friendly. New opened departments are all have a dementia friendly setting. Apart from such projects there are ongoing projects on the Laundry department, MMMU department, clinics and many more.

MEPA Permit is submitted for Ruzar Briffa Complex which needs refurbishment– One of the oldest Complexes at St. Vincent de Paul Residence

St. Vincent de Paul Residence is also slowly changing into a centre of excellence on training for elderly care. Staff is being trained to handle new practices when it comes to elderly care and Care Assistant Courses are still being given two times per year. Basic Life Support Courses are also given, as well as an Active Ageing Unit has been appointed and trained. Basic Training on issues related to the elderly such as nutrition have also been given and were open to different people who work in the elderly sector.

A sum of 333,000 Euro for training has been dedicated for training on elderly care (ESF Funds).

As part of the National Dementia Strategy to be published soon early in 2015, the Governemnt will also be giving dementia courses for all persons working at St. Vincent de Paul Residence who face such dementia cases everyday.

With regards to training, in collaboration with MCA, employees working at St. Vincent de Paul Residence are also being given a 20 hour basic course on how to use IT equipment. This is crucial since medical software such as PACs and iSOFT are soon to be used at the facility, and thus people need to be trained in IT in order to use it. IT infrastructure is also being installed in several departments within the facility to facilitate work and make sure that immiadiate medical care is being given with the appropriate medical conditions to each and every resident. One clear example is the computerized system in the Medical Materials Management Unit where a new IT system with the facility of stocktaking and logging has been adopted and thus the department adopted a more efficient system.

New equipment is constantly being bought in order for the facility to remain up to date with  the best elderly care facilities.

New departments have also been set up this year. These include a Customer Care unit within the facility itself and quality assurance sections in order to ensure that the sevices given are of a certain standard. Complaints on food has been noted, and thus there is ongoing monitoring of  food.

Moreover, the Parliamentary Secretariat for Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing has ongoing discussions for collaboration with the Ministry for Energy and Health with regards to equipment used in the entity.

Several wards and departments are still to be renovated into dementia friendly sections.

Admissions in the Residence will be made only after a matching assessment has been done by medical professionals so as proper matching between residents is done.

Admissions to St. Vincent de Paul Residence will also be done in a more transparent manner. Only high dependent cases will be admitted to St. Vincent de Paul Residence so as to benefit from the level of care they require.

New Services

  • Porter Service
  • Pre-Admission Meet and Greet Service
  • Embellishment
  • Botanical Gardens

Media Changes

  • St. Vincent de Paul Residence will enjoy new and modernised Branding.
  • A magazine with updated news on the faciluty will be published once every three months
  • A new Facebook Page which will feature ongoing news updates with regards to the facility

Logo Competition

The Logo Competition is open for the public to submit their proposals. Logos will be featured on St. Vincent de Paul’s Facebook page and there will also be a ‘like’ competition. The competition winner will be classified as follows:

  • 50% points coming from the ‘like’ competition on Facebook
  • 50% points coming from an independent board of 5 people.

Logo Competition will be officially launched on the 12th of January.

The deadline for subission of logos is the 19th of January 2015 noon. The submissions will then posted on St. Vincent de Paul’s official Facebook Page whereby the competition will take place until the 27th of January 2015. The Winner will be announced in the beginning of February 2015 and will be invited for the Press Conference to be organised at St. Vincent de Paul Residence Foyer on the date.

The Winning artwork with the most Facebook likes will be also winning a Weekend Break for two at a 4-star hotel.

Facebook Like Competition will be launched on the 20th January till the 27th January.

The Winner of the Actual Competition will win a Designer Software costing around 300 Euro.

Submissions can be handed personally at St. Vincent de Paul Administration Block by addressing them to:

St. Vincent de Paul Logo Competition
St. Vincent de Paul Resid
ieret Road

Or else by sending them via email to:

  • 12th January 2015:                 Launching of Competition
  • 19th January 2015:                 Deadline for Submission of Artwork
  • 20th January 2015 08:00:       Launching of  Facebook Competition
  • 27th January 2015 13:00:       End of Facebook ‘like’ Competition
  • Beginning of February:     Announcment of Winner