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Meals on Wheels


To support older persons and others who are still living in their own home but who are unable to prepare a decent meal.


·        Persons over sixty years
·        Persons who hold the special identity card issued by Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
·        Each applicant is subject to an assessment by care professionals so that it will be ensured that this service is being provided to those persons who really need it. This same assessment can be used so that further recommendations can be made for further services.


What you’ll get

 One (1) meal per day.

Meals on Wheels are being delivered chilled in new containers so that these can be consumed at the discretion of the beneficiary. It is to be noted that same meals must be heated prior of being consumed.

The menu offers various choices of meals for 14 consecutive days. Each daily meal consists of three (3) plate courses, that is a starter (first plate course), main course and a dessert.

Required Documents

Completed application form.

Fees and Charges

This service subsidized price per meal is €2.20. Cash payments must be paid by the beneficiary to the respective driver delivering same meals.

How to Apply

You can apply Online – MT - EN
You can download an Application Form MTEN

Alternatively, you can also call at Centru Servizz Anzjan, 3, Old Mint Street Valletta and apply there.

t: +356 22788800 |  e: