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The Malta National Disability Strategy

The Malta National Disability Strategy draws from the National Policy on the Rights of Persons with Disability. Whilst the latter's scope is to provide direction, in the case of the Strategy the intention is to address those aspirations and layout a national plan that will result in the quality of life of persons with disability and their family to improve.
The outcomes of the Strategy can be seen in a number of over-arching themes that have emanated from it, namely issues around choice and control and the importance of providing services that are tailor made. The family support is of utmost importance and the message that is given in this strategy is that families of persons with disability need to be provided with all the necessary supports.
The Strategy also a empts to address the complex changes that happen between one transition and another in life. Transitions are always difficult and complex but increasingly so if not enough support is provided. The Strategy is based on the fact that every person with disability should lead a confident, enriched life and participate actively in society, politics, culture and economics.
The Malta National Disability Strategy is intended for every person with disability to become an active citizen with the freedom to make choices. The goal of this Strategy is to have better opportunities for people with disabilities in the labour market, improving the educational experience, provide social services in the right formats and focus on emancipating the individual.
This Strategy is aligned within the following notions; inclusive and accessible communities, human rights and civil responsibilities, justice, economic development, personal and community support tailored around needs and not vice-versa and learning skills. 

Feedback can be sent by e-mail to​. Consultation is open from the 1st to the 30th of May, 2016.​