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Kartanzjan today forms part of the newly issued Electronic ID Card, and exclusively issued by identity Malta Ltd. This means that whenever a person reaches the age of 60 and if the person is a holder of a Maltese Identity Card, in terms of the Identity Card Act (Cap.258) the 60+ mark will automatically print and forms part of his/her Electronic ID Card. The Kartanzjan entitles its holder to obtain certain rebates and concessions. Please see the, “Frequently Asked Questions” below for full details.


There are no application forms or application fees to obtain the Kartanzjan since Identity Malta Ltd automatically issues the card once a person reaches 60 years of age. Its holder may then collect the Kartanzjan from Identity Malta Ltd.


The applicant must hold a Maltese Identity Card and has reached his / her 60th birthday.

Required Documents

No documents are required since Kartanzjan 60+ is automatically issued and forms part of the new Electronic ID Card as issued by Identity Malta Ltd.


Fees / Charges

No administrative fees are incurred in applying for this service.

Back-Office Process

Once a person reaches his / her 60th birthday, Identity Malta Ltd  issues a new Electronic ID Card complete with the 60+ printing. The card holder then can personally collect his / her updated ID Card from Identity Malta Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long will a kartanzjan take to be renewed  when it is lost ?
Answer:   This procedure will take about a month.
Question:  What are the concessions one gets with the Kartanzjan?
Answer: The Kartanzjan entitles its holder to obtain certain rebates and concessions on services in Malta and Gozo. These include reductions on public transport bus fares (card holders pay €0.50 cents on all bus routes) as well as free passenger fares on the Gozo ferries.

Some establishments like, Heritage Malta voluntarily offer reduced prices for entry to their sites. Kartanzjan holders are also exempted from payment of fees for one course per scholastic year in respect of Adult Courses that are organized by the Directorate for Life- Long Learning within the Ministry of Education.
Additionally, they are also entitled to attend for free, courses at the University of the Third Age organized by the University of Malta.
They are also entitled to reduced prices in the menus of the Institute of Tourism Studies, St. Julians on every Monday, as well as reduction on entrance tickets for League and Trophy matches of all divisions organized by the Malta Football Association.
Persons who hold the second type of Kartanzjan, namely that issued upon the 75th birthday are also entitled to the additional benefit of being granted preference at queues at Hospital and Health Centres. Similar preference is given in other establishments such as in Banks.


Our Contacts

Telephone: 2278 8800
Address: Department for the Elderly and Community Care, Ċentru Servizz Anzjan, No.3 Old Mint street, Valletta. Malta.