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The aim of this service is to provide peace of mind to older persons when assistance is required at their homes, thus encouraging the elderly to continue living in their own home and in the community. Persons under 60 years of age who suffer from a chronic illness can also apply for this service.


·        Persons over sixty years of age who have no one living with them in the same residence under sixty years of age.  The applicant must have: 
1)      a  valid Pink form issued by the Department of Social Security which is to be renewed yearly;  or
2)     a valid Yellow Card issued by the Department of Health proving that applicant is diabetic (the schedule V or the SLH 145 form),
·        Persons under sixty years who suffer from a chronic illness
·        Applicants must have a fixed land line with GO plc

What you’ll get

Installation of Telecare+ set and pendent.

Required Documents

·        Completed application form
·        Copy of a Valid Pink form or Copy of a valid Yellow Card proving that applicant is diabetic
·        Medical report signed by the General Practitioner (applies to persons under sixty years only)
·        Signed Declaration Form

Fees and Charges

Payment for the Telecare+ Service is as follows:
·       €25 deposit is paid upon installation by technician, which is refundable if the set is returned and service is no longer required; and
·        €4 rent every month for the service payable on the GO Bill.
·       No Rent is paid for this service by Pink Form holders, Yellow Card holders and those suffering from diabetes.

How to Apply

You can apply Online – MT - EN
You can download an Application Form – MT - EN
Alternatively, you can also call at Ċentru Servizz Anzjan, 3, Old Mint Street Valletta and apply there.
t: +356 22788800 |  e: