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Social Work


The aim of the social work service is to provide psychological support, guidance and assistance. It deals with social casework, provides advocacy for clients, facilitates self-help management and develops action plans, performs crisis intervention work, provides assessments for home care help service and liaises with the geriatric, general rehabilitation hospitals. It makes reports for older persons who are residing in residential homes with acute situations. The Social Work Unit also investigates social cases and deals with them accordingly. It also liaises with the Health Department, Police, Local Councils, Parish Priests and other community organizations.


Persons over 60 years of age who:
·        Are living alone and have a high level of dependency, or
·        Are suspected to be suffering from physical, psychological, social or financial abuse, or
·        Are suffering from dementia or other cognitive impairment, or
·        Live in miserable situations

What you’ll get 

·       Social work intervention and follow up of client and network to alleviate presenting and emerging stressful situations.
·       The aim is to empower clients in self help process to enable them to become protagonists of positive change.
·       When necessary, the assistance of specialised professional agencies is sought to tackle emerging situations more effectively.

Required Documents 

·        Completed application form
·        Any relevant documents that can contribute to a better plan of action as necessary (social case work)
·        Any medical certificates or hospital discharge reports (home help assessments)
·        Signed Declaration Form

Fees and Charges

No fees and charges apply.

How to Apply

You can apply Online – MT - EN
You can download an Application Form – MT - EN
Alternatively, you can also call at Ċentru Servizz Anzjan, 3, Old Mint Street Valletta and apply there.
t: +356 22788800 |  e: