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Handyman Service


The objective of this service is to help older adults and persons with special needs to continue living as independently as possible in their own home. The Handyman Service offers a range of repair jobs that vary from electrical repairs to plumbing, carpentry and transportation of items from one room to another.


·     Persons over sixty years.
·     Persons who hold the special identity card issued by Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD).
·     Those holding a valid Pink form issued by the Department of Social Security are entitled to this service free of charge, while those not holding a pink form can receive this service against a payment.

What you’ll get

A range of repair jobs in your own home.

Required Documents

·       Completed application form
·       Special ID Card (where applicable)
·       Pink Form (where applicable)
·       Signed Declaration Form

Fees and Charges

The Handyman Service is basically rendered free of charge to senior citizens holding the Pink Form or Special ID Card. Non-Pink Cardholders, on the other hand, are entitled to receive this service at a nominal fee. Rates vary according to the job required and are detailed below. Upon completion of the job, the client pays the handyman who performed the task. The latter issues a temporary receipt and an official receipt is subsequently issued from the Active Ageing and Community Care Directorate. Both Pink Cardholders and Non-Pink Cardholders are required to provide the necessary materials at their own cost.

How to Apply

You can apply Online – MT - EN
You can download an Application Form – MT - EN
Alternatively, you can also call at Ċentru Servizz Anzjan, 3, Old Mint Street Valletta and apply there.
t: +356 22788800 |  e:
Code Description of Work Price (€)
A/01 Change of Door Lock 2.33
A/02 New Door Lock 4.66
A/03 Basic Maintenance on Door/Window 4.66
A/04 Change of Glass on Wood 2.33
A/05  Change of Glass on Iron 2.33
A/06 Maintenance/Installation on Cupboard/Shelf/Others 4.66
A/07 Fixing of Hooks/Clips/Others 2.33
A/08 Fixing of Handles, Door/Window Bolts 2.33
A/09  Glass Fine Plaster 0.58
A/10 Fixing/Installation of Main Door Chain 1.16
A/11 Wooden Block under Bed/Sofa/Others 3.49
A/12 Cut/Change of Bed/Sofa base 3.49
A/13  Piece of Wood: Cover/Weather-Board 2.33
A/14 Fixing of Stick/Others 2.33
A/15 Change of Window Net 2.33
A/16 Installation of Curtain Reeds 0.00
Code Description of Work Price (€)
B/01 Plastering of Door Jamb 4.66
B/02 Plastering of Window Jamb 2.33
B/03 Roof Coating of One Room 6.99
B/04 Plastering of small holes in Wall or on Ground            2.33
B/05 Fixing of Clothes Hanging Wire 2.33
B/06 Plastering of Floor Tiles / Cement 4.66
B/07 Plastering of Water / Drain Pipe 2.33
Code Description of Work Price (€)
C/01 Change of S/T Trap & Waste Pipe 6.99
C/02 Change of Washer on Water Tap 2.33
C/03 Change of Sink Water Tap 2.33
C/04 Change of Water Heater 11.65
C/05 Change of Angle Valve 2.33
C/06 Change of Flushing 6.99
C/07 Change of Flexible Pipe 2.33
C/08 Setting of Flushing 2.33
C/09 Opening of Trough / Drain 2.33
C/10 Change of Roof Tank Valve 4.66
C/11 Change of Water Pipe (inside and not hidden) 9.32
C/12 Change of Wash Hand Basin 6.99
C/13  Repairs on Roof Tank 4.66
C/14 Change/Repairs of Stopcock 4.66
C/15 Checking/Setting on Water Heater / Water Pump 1.16
C/16 Overflow/Flushing Washer 2.33
C/17 Fixing of Toilet Seat 1.16
C/18 Change/Repairs of Mixer 4.66
Code Description of Work Price (€)
D/01 Change of Switch 2.33
D/02 Change of Socket Outlet 2.33
D/03 Change of Faulty Neon Tube 1.16
D/04 Fixing of Neon Tube instead of a Bulb 5.82
D/05 Fixing of New Socket 6.99
D/06 Repairs on Faulty Door Bell 2.33
D/07 Installation of New Door Bell 6.99
D/08 Change of Three-Pin Plug 1.16
D/09 Fixing of Circuit Breaker (Surface Mounted) 9.32
D/10 Repairs/Checking of Circuit Breaker 4.66
D/11 Fixing of Electrical Wire 4.66
D/12 Wiring/Checking of Chandelier/Lampshade/Others 2.33
D/13 Addition of Extension at Home 4.66
D/14  Change of Fuse 2.33
D/15 Checking of Light/Socket/Others 2.33
D/16 Change of Bulb/Holder 1.16
D/17 Checking of an Electrical Door Lock 2.33
Code Description of Work Price (€)
E/01 Installation of Iron Railings 5.82
E/02 Installation of Wooden Railings 5.82
E/03 Installation of Shower/Curtain Rail 4.66
Transportation of Objects
Code Description of Work Price (€)
G/01 Transportation of Appliances/Furniture in Same Floor 3.49
G/02 Change of Gas Cylinder 1.16