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Community Geriatrician Services


The Community Geriatrician Service provides access for homebound older people to a geriatric medical review. This is done by the community geriatrician carrying out domiciliary medical visits in conjunction with other members of the Commcare team.


  • ​​The care recipient lives in the community.
  • The care recipient is elderly (60 years plus)
  • The care recipient is deemed to need a non acute intervention from a geriatrician.
  • ​The care recipient is unable to go out of his home and attend a geriatric outpatient clinic.

​What you’ll get

Following referral, the case will be discussed between the Community Geriatrician, the Commcare team and the patient’s General Practitioner. Members of the team will organise a home visit. This will be focussed on dealing with complex medical issues needing specialist geriatric management. Other members of the Commcare multidisciplinary team may be involved, and followup will be organised according to the patient’s needs.
Required Documents

When Commcare nurses or allied health professionals identify the need for the involvement of the Community Geriatrician Service they will advise the patient’s General Practitioner/Family Doctor (GP) to complete a Ticket of Referral. The ticket of referral will be received by a designated key person who will discuss the case with the Community Geriatrician.

Fees and Charges

Free of charge

How to Apply

​The Community Geriatrician Service will accept referrals from Commcare (Tel. 22589393). Referrals will be initiated by Commcare for patients that are identified to benefit from the Community Geriatrician Service.

For more information you can also call at Ċentru Servizz Anzjan, 3, Old Mint Street Valletta.

t: +356 22788800 |  e: