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CommCare Assessment Unit


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CommCare Unit falls within the Ministry for Family and Social Solidarity. At CommCare we strive to ensure that all individuals who receive care in the community are appropriately cared for, whilst also acting as a bridge between the health and social care services in the community. The CommCare team is comprised of nurses, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a social worker, personal carers and administrative staff. Delivering care with this interdisciplinary approach supports and results in individuals remaining in the community, reducing the need for institutionalised care. In order to achieve this, the CommCare Unit main objectives are: -

    1. To act as a regulator for community nursing and midwifery care.
    2. To coordinate services and manage care plans for patients on an individual basis.
    3. To maintain and continue to develop an interdisciplinary approach in case management incorporating both health and social aspects.
    4. To analyse data collected to address current needs and plan for future developments.

Requests and referrals are received from all Government and voluntary entities, including hospitals and health centres, health and social care entities, and non-governmental organisations such as the Hospice Movement. Health and Social Care professionals and General Practitioners can also make referrals as well as individuals themselves and their informal carers. The following individuals are eligible for CommCare services:-

  • Individuals whose needs require that care is delivered within their own home.
  • Individuals whose independence will be at risk if they are not supported within the community.
  • Individuals who are unable to leave their home due to environmental barriers.

Initial assessments are carried out over the phone and referred for home visits accordingly. First time home visits are carried out by one or more of the team members at CommCare. These visits determine how CommCare will proceed to provide assistance and develop care plans for individuals who require care and support services in the community setting. After the first assessment, an evaluation of needs is done to initiate care delivery and application of any services if needed. Individuals may be referred by the CommCare team to the CommCare Outreach Programme. The main aim of this programme is to maximise the independence and ability of the individual to live in the community, in his or her own home setting, through a structured plan of intervention.

Individuals may also be referred to other community services, including community nursing and midwifery care. These services are provided all over the Maltese Islands through Health Mark. Referrals to Health Mark are made through CommCare for individuals eligible to receive health care through the government health service, providing they have the appropriate referral documentation.

Health mark employs qualified nurses to provide general nursing services including general care of patients, blanket baths, enemas, wash-outs, wound care, catheterization and treatment for diabetes amongst other nursing care interventions. These nurses are supported by carers in the provision of general care.


The post natal community midwifery service consists of Health Mark postnatal visits, where the midwife examines both mother and child, while also addressing any queries the family may have.


Opening Hours: 0730hrs to 1430hrs Daily

Address: CommCare Unit, St Luke’s Hospital, Gwardamangia

Telephone Number:  22589393