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Better Quality of Life for Older Persons living in Residential Homes

The Parliamentary Secretariat has embarked on a mission to launch a charter outlining the rights and responsibilities of elderly people residing in care homes.

The charter emphasises that residents in care homes have the right to dignity, freedom, security and physical and mental wellbeing, as well as the freedom of choice and self-determination.

The Charter specifies that residents have the right to have their values, beliefs and preferences respected, to be free from any form of abuse, and to be provided with the care and assistance where they require. Residents are also to be provided with a social activity programme providing them entertainment and the opportunity to socialise with others.

Relevant Documents:

Karta tad-drittijiet ANZJANI.pdfKarta tad-drittijiet tal-Anzjani
Charter of Rights ELDERLY.pdfCharter of Rights for the Elderly​​