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A+ Accessibility Award



What looks like a straightforward visit to a pharmacy or a visit to a neighbour or access to a service or even an errand to a shop, has over the years turned into a saga in some or most of our towns and villages. Uneven pavements, unfilled potholes, inaccessible shops, lack of railings, bad lighting, lack of signage, no dropped kerbs can all cause huge problems for wheelchair users and people with restricted mobility, a population growing in number for obvious reasons we have been harping on, namely, improved medicine and enhanced life spans.  


The initiative we are proposing will seek to entice communities to address the challenges at a micro-level. It will also give us an indication of how our communities are experiencing this ‘lack of access’.  The scheme will help us promote and brand accessibility as a positive experience that should be adopted by all local communities via their Local Councils. It is envisaged that such a scheme would have a multiplier effect on accessibility investment nationwide.  

One needs to state that during these last years a number of initiatives at statutory government level and ad hoc initiatives at local government levels have sought to address some of the accessible issues to make our towns and villages easier to get around physically and better equipped to accommodate disability - but the truth is that we need to incentivize more opportunities so that our community operators take on additional responsibility in the way they design their public spaces and to seek methods to address such short comings.


Physical accessibility is a clear sign of inclusion, a community commitment, to create a level playing field and space between disabled people and non-disabled people to go about their ‘business’ in tranquility.  In line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, accessibility is one of the pillars of the European Union’s Disability Strategy 2010-2020.  Hence this Award that will be given to 3 towns or villages that have shown clear and coherent enhancement in terms of accessibility, namely in aspects of community living by investing a minimum of Euros 3,000 on a project that would be completed in the timeframes as indicated further down.  All participating Local Councils will be given a Certificate of Participation and their projects promoted on the Ministerial website.

Relevant Documents:

A+ form.pdfApplication Form

THE AWARD.pdfFAQ's in English

THE AWARDMLT.pdfFAQ's in Maltese