Respite at Home

The aim of the Respite at Home service is to provide temporary relief to the informal caregiver who is taking care of a senior citizen at home. The Respite at Home service will provide: companionship, socialisation and/or personal care within the senior citizen’s home. Personal care includes but is not limited to bathing, dressing, feeding and toileting.


This service offers a qualified care worker who will stay at home with the senior citizen to provide the informal caregiver a temporary break from the caregiving, whilst the dependent senior citizen continues to receive the care in their own environment.

  1. Full Week (from Monday till Sunday) for 24 hours. Package can be used after a 6 week break period between one package and another, up to 3 times a year; or
  2. Full Week (from Monday till Sunday) from 08:00hrs till 17:00hrs. Package can be used after a 6 week break period between one package and another, up to 8 times a year; or
  3. 2 days per week for a period of 7 weeks. Days of the week are to be chosen by the client/relative and will be fixed for the 7 weeks of the service provision. Package can be used again after a 2 month break period, up to 4 times a year; or
  4. 2 days per week with 4.5 hours each day for a duration of 1 whole year; or
  5. 1 day per week for 9.5 hours once weekly for a duration of 1 whole year; or
  6. Single Respite ONE OFF Interventions (Day or Night) – 3 Single Respite Days. Package can be used up to 3 times a year


General eligibility criteria:

  • A senior citizen over 60 years of age, who lives in a private residence and is dependent on his/her informal caregiver
  • Having dementia and severe cognitive and/or behavioural problems, with a tendency to become confused in an unfamiliar environment
  • Senior citizens who are difficult to transport from one place to another and/or have difficulty to leave their own home
  • Senior citizens requiring special/specific necessities that cannot be provided in a residential respite facility
  • Senior citizens having immune system problems or that require isolation from others

CommCare assesses and reviews each applicant and retains the authority to decline any inappropriate referrals. CommCare is responsible for the delivery and the frequency of the service.


General documentation:

  • Filled in application form including the Medical Report signed by a general practitioner. Click here to download the Medical Report

If you have any suggestions, recommendations and complaints, kindly get in touch