Domiciliary Dietitian

The Domiciliary Dietitian Service is designed to assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutrition problems. This service aims to provide access to housebound senior citizens to obtain a comprehensive dietetic assessment.


The service includes:

  • Initial dietetic assessment and follow-up visits according to the client’s needs
  • Advice on the appropriate diet for specific clinical/medical conditions
  • Training, advice and support to caregivers or other healthcare professionals


All Maltese citizens and foreigners holding a Maltese ID number that are:

  • Housebound senior citizens having 60+ years of age

Criteria for Referral

  • Clients being initiated on enteral feed or deemed nil by mouth by Speech Language Pathologist
  • Clients on enteral feed via NG / PEG/ RIG tube
  • Change in clinical condition which demands review of enteral feed
  • Clients on trial without NGT
  • Clients with significant weight loss


  • Filled in application form
  • Medical Report signed by the General Practitioner. Click here to download the Medical Report which is to include:
    • List of Prescribed Medications (if applicable)
    • Food and nutrition-related history
    • Current diet orders/feeding regimen (if applicable)

If you have any suggestions, recommendations and complaints, kindly get in touch