Domiciliary Caring

Domiciliary Caring aims to provide a caring service at home. Provided by the CommCare Assessment Unit, this community based service is coordinated by the CommCare team and caters for the client’s needs in a personalised and holistic manner, using a case management approach. This is achieved by involving all team members and consulting with other professionals and entities as deemed necessary. Such a service can also be used with other health and social services that are needed in every community. Importantly, each client is assessed by a professional from CommCare so as to ensure that the service is given to those who really need it.


Once a referral is received, this is vetted by professionals who differentiate between simple home-based caring cases and those that are more complex cases requiring a more intensive effort by the team.

Clients with more complex health needs are visited at home and a thorough assessment is carried out. Once their needs are identified, a care plan is devised in collaboration with the clients, their families and informal carers. 

A person receiving care from CommCare is reviewed as necessary. CommCare retains the authority to decline inappropriate referrals and is responsible in deciding on the delivery of service and the frequency of treatment.


General eligibility criteria:

  • Clients who are homebound and therefore are unable to leave their home without assistance; or
  • Clients discharged from acute care hospitalisation and who require short or long term care and are unable to attend health centres or peripheral clinics; or
  • Clients who require pre-operative preparation; or
  • Clients who require treatment which cannot be appropriately administered at health centres or peripheral clinics


  • Filled in Application form including the medical report signed by the general practitioner or a consultant geriatrician. Click here to download the Medical Report
  • A recent medical discharge letter, also known as case summary; or a recent referral from the patient’s general practitioner. The medical referral should include the client’s clinical details and medical or surgical history, the required service and frequency, and a list of medications required
  • A list of necessary consumables or materials in order for the care worker to be able to deliver the requested service

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