Community Psychogeriatric Consultation Service

The Community Psychogeriatric Consultation service aims to provide a psychiatric evaluation to senior citizens who are homebound due to physical or mental health problems.


Following a referral by the family doctor, the case will be discussed and evaluated between the community psychogeriatrician; case managers and the patient’s medical practitioner. After this consultation, a decision whether a home visit is indicated would be taken, particularly when dealing with complex psychiatric issues which require direct intervention. The community psychogeriatrician will also facilitate access to other existent mental health services as indicated from the assessment. 


General eligibility criteria:

  • A senior citizen over 60 years of age
  • Living in the community
  • Identified as having an existent or suspected mental health disorder
    that is currently not being addressed
  • Not suffering from an acute condition requiring emergency medical
    and/or psychiatric intervention
  • Unable to go out of home and attend an outpatient clinic


The Commcare and Dementia Intervention Team will identify eligible cases and a formal referral note from the clients’ family doctor for a psychiatric evaluation is requested, to ensure a collaborative care and access to patients’ past medical history and treatment plan. 

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