Elderly Services Application

Active Ageing and Community Care aims to promote active ageing and improved quality of life for elderly persons. The department provides different forms of support and healthcare services through user centred care provision focusing on tangible benefits and long term care sustainability. The department also provides community services as part of its commitment to continue to support elderly persons living in the community and postpone entry into long-term care.

Dementia Care at Home

This course is intended for family caregivers, relatives and friends of persons with dementia. The term “family caregiver” refers to those persons who care for relatives and their loved ones and are not formally paid for the service they render. Research has established that most care is provided by these family caregivers. One of the objectives of the Malta National Dementia Strategy 2013-2020, is to improve the quality of life of individuals living with dementia, their caregivers and family members. Get further information here.

Guardianship Application

According to law (Article 189(3) of the Civil Code and Article 521 of the Code of Organisation and Civil Procedure), the request for Guardianship can be made by:

  • any person with a disability or mental disorder who wishes to have a Guardian appointed
  • spouses of persons with disability or mental disorder
  • relatives of persons with disability or mental disorder
  • the Attorney General, unless the demand is made by any other person

    A person may apply for Guardianship by downloading and filling in an application and Medical Report.

    Should you require assistance in understanding and completing the application form, please contact the Registrar of the Guardianship Board.

Application for Workshops "Let's Discuss Digital Access"

As part of the Elderly Day celebrations, which this year will be dedicated to digital access for all ages, Active Aging and Community Care will be organizing five workshops entitled “Let’s Discuss Digital Access”. These workshops may be attended by people over the age of 60 to discuss with professionals, the use of technology in everyday life, what hinders the use of technology, and how they can lear more about this topic.

Active Ageing Awards 2021

The Active Ageing Award is a celebration of a great deal of work, commitment and dedication in the Active Ageing sector. This is an annual event that will be part of the celebrations that will take place in the month of October which is dedicated to Older Persons. This year the board is accepting applications for 5 awards: Active Ageing Award, Senior Cultural Award , Senior Academic Award, Sports Active Ageing Award and Intergenerational Solidarity Award.